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    OOTD – Fight the Grey

    Hey everyone! How’s your week so far? Are you already looking forward to the weekend? I am for sure. (; Today I’ve got a new fashion post for you guys, it’s been waaay to long since my last OOTD post! Unfortunately the weather was really rainy, cold and grey as these pictures were taken, so the lightning is not the best. But I tried to fight the grey with lots of blues and a hint of nude. I’m not very talkative today (so not me, but obviously it happens from time to time) so let’s get right into it and take a look at my outfit of the day! //Hallo…

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    OOTD – Grey meets Blue

    Hey everyone! Right now I’m constantly struggling with my outfits. If I found a combination that works, there’s always one thing, that messes everything up. This can be a cardigan, that’s too long for my winter jacket, a knitted sweater that makes me look like I ate too much ginger bread (I should really get rid of items like this…) or the simple fact that I will for sure be freezing my butt of in this outfit. Is anyone here feeling the same way? If you have the THE solution for this problem, pleaseee help me! (; Anyway, yesterday was such a cold day and it was so windy outside,…

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    Friday Fashion OOTD – Into the Blue

    Hey guys! Today’s Friday, which means..? Exactly, a new Friday Fashion post! I’m so happy that the weekend is finally here, but now it’s still time to work and create a new post for you. (; Seems like winter already has arrived, which in my case means layering, layering and even more layering. I absolutely love this trend and what’s so great about it is the fact that it keeps me from freezing (which happens pretty easily, I’m basically always cold these days). Today has been such a day. It was really cold outside and even at home I was already shivering, so I did grab clothes that feel totally…

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