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    November Favourites

    It’s already that time again – the end of the month, which for me means recalling the month and figuring out my very personal favourites. Things I simply could not live without or that I discovered and then instantly fell in love with. November felt like something in between. You’re already starting to think about Christmas and New Year’s Eve but then again fall still seems to linger and somehow you just can’t decide how you feel. For me it feels kind of weird, but on the other hand the anticipation is constantly rising and you just can’t wait until it’s finally December and Christmas time has come. You see,…

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    OOTD – Shine bright

    Hey everyone! The air is colder, the days are shorter and the light makes everything appear grey and dull – welcome to November! I’m actually not a huge fan of snow, but when it’s totally white outside the world looks just so much brighter. Meanwhile we have to be creative to bring back our own light and make our days a little bit brighter and less dull. On Friday I found a way to ’shine bright‘ against the grey sky – with both my outfit and my make up. So let’s take a look at my outfit of the day! //Hallo meine Lieben! Die Luft ist kälter, die Tage sind…

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    Friday Fashion OOTD – Black and White

    Hey everyone! I hope you all had a great week so far. I’m really looking forward to the weekend right now, so TGIF! (; Which also means it was the perfect possibility to shoot some photos for a Friday Fashion post. At this point I have to give a HUGE thank you to my mum, who almost always is responsible for my OOTD photos. She does a pretty good job, don’t you think? (; Anyway, back to the point. The weather today was so unlike November, it was very sunny, warm and almost felt like spring, but definitely not like fall. This gave me the opportunity to wear a sheer…

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