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    Birthday Bash

    Hey everyone! Long time no see! Or rather… read. Whatever, I had to deal with some very serious personal issues, therefore I did not have any time for my blog. I missed writing so much, so now I’m back and I hope you’re too! Two weeks ago I celebrated my 20th birthday and today I want so share some pictures of this very special day with you. Bye bye teens, hello twens. You probably think that 20 isn’t that special, it’s just something in between 18 and 21, but for me this day was so, so incredible. I had so much fun, I got so see my family and my…

  • Christmas,  Favourites of the Month

    December Favourites

    Hey everyone! So, this was Christmas 2013… It’s already over. ^^ First you’re waiting and counting the days and then *puff*, it’s in the past. Anyway, I had some wonderful days with my family and friends, we enjoyed the time together, cooked delicious meals, talked for hours and made each other laugh. A lot. I could not have been happier. Now that December comes to an end it’s time for my monthly favourites. Unfortunately we didn’t have much snow in December, but still this month was full of christmassy feelings, which is why my favourites are a bit christmassy as well. (; I hope you could also enjoy the holidays…

  • News

    Family Weekend

    This weekend is my grandmother’s 75th birthday and there will be a big party with food, drinks and lots of fun. For this reason there won’t be any posts during the next days. On monday I’ll be back and get back to work, I already told you that I am working on a ‚bigger‘ post at the moment, for which there was a photo shooting today. So, I hope you’ll all have a wonderful weekend and stay tuned for more! (: //Dieses Wochenende ist der 75. Geburtstag meiner Oma und es wird eine große Party geben, mit Drinks, Essen und viel Spaß. Aus diesem Grund wird es in den nächsten…

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