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    Pretty in Pink

    Hey everyone! I’m already counting the days… I’m turning 20 on Saturday! OMG, goodbye teenage years, hello twenty-somethings! I’m already really excited and looking forward to celebrate with both my family and my friends. But until my big day there’s still a lot to do, I have to go to university, run some errands and (of course) I need to find an outfit. Well, not just any outfit, THE outfit. So far every attempt to find just anything was rather frustrating and nerve-racking… Last Saturday, though, I had absolutely no problems with finding something to wear, which is pretty unusual for me, and even more because I chose something pink.…

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    Tested: Sebastian Drynamic

    Hey everyone! The runways for Spring/Summer 14 showed us both: sleek, almost wet looking hair and matte, effortless beach waves. And by effortless I mean that styling hair to look like those models just rolled out of bed or came back from a long hot day at the beach took much longer than making it look sleek. It’s the same with make up. Making someone look like he/she doesn’t wear any make up requires much more time than making someone look all dolled up. But that’s another topic, let’s get back to those beach waves. Nothing reminds us more of summer than the smell of the ocean and matte beach…

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    Naughty or Nice?

    Hey everyone! How’s your day so far? Mine was very interesting but also pretty exhausting. I visited the ‚Veggie Expo‘, an exhibition about vegetarian and also vegan food, clothes, cosmetics and lifestyle. It was very interesting and I also bought some things (I just can’t resist good food), I will show them to you in another post, so stay tuned! One week ago I went to my hairdresser, Lippert’s Friseure. I did not want a huge change, my hair is simply looking healthy and fresh again. As always I had a very good time with a relaxed atmosphere and an excellent service. I may also have gotten a new product…

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