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    You should probably loose some weight, cause we can’t see your bones

    picture Do you recognize the lyrics? They’re from Lily Allen’s new single ‚Hard out here‘ and I have to say that I just love this song! Especially the lyrics. Lily has often been criticized for her weight and her body, but now, with this song, she speaks up, doesn’t hold back and stands her ground. ‚Hard out here‘ is so much more than just a cool song with great lyrics and a cool melody. It’s like an anthem for all those who are sick of size zero and stars who are drinking green juices for weeks in order to get skinny and fit again (and posting every detail about it…

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    January Favourites

    OMG – I’m back!! Can you believe it? After all those hours of stuDYING I finally have some time for blogging and I’m so happy! Unfortunately my exams at university aren’t over yet, but my two biggest ones are done (well, let’s say I survived them…) and the last two won’t be before the end of next week. Let me tell you that I am SO ready for semester break, seriously, I’m sick of studying and having no time for anything (or anyone) else. Thank God that soon this will be over! Anyway, I finally have time for my January Favourites, which actually were due by January 28th *cough*, but…

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    November Favourites

    It’s already that time again – the end of the month, which for me means recalling the month and figuring out my very personal favourites. Things I simply could not live without or that I discovered and then instantly fell in love with. November felt like something in between. You’re already starting to think about Christmas and New Year’s Eve but then again fall still seems to linger and somehow you just can’t decide how you feel. For me it feels kind of weird, but on the other hand the anticipation is constantly rising and you just can’t wait until it’s finally December and Christmas time has come. You see,…

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