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    Fashion Haul Barcelona

    What a rainy day so far… I’m sitting here with a hot cup of chai tea latte (I’m addicted to this right now, it’s SO good!) with the constant sound of raindrops against my windows in my ears. Perfect for writing a new blog post, don’t you think? Like a scene out of a movie. ;D Today’s post will be a fashion post. Spain is home to Zara, Mango and so many other cool brands, so most of the clothes there were a bit cheaper than here. And since fall and university are right around the corner, a few new items don’t hurt, right. (; So, here we go! Oh…

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    Barcelona tastes good

    Hey my lovelies! Travelling to a new city or country also means discovering new food and delicasies. First thing we noticed: the people in Spain eat veeeery late. And I mean really late, some did start to eat dinner, when we were about to leave, which was like 11 pm. Many restaurants also didn’t open until 8.30 pm, so if you’re not used to eating this late, it’s pretty weird at first, but fortunately we didn’t have to do it every night. Besides the different mealtimes we also got to know that meals in Spain, both lunch and dinner, consist of three courses, appetizer, main course and dessert. It is…

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    Dress Code Barcelona

    Hey everyone! It’s already September, but time for long jeans and biker boots? Nope, not yet. (; It’s still warm and sunny outside, especially in Barcelona the weather was very pleasant. And I, of course, did pack clothes, that were SO too warm for Spain (typically me…). Which means I actually was forced to go shopping, since my Jeans were obviously the wrong choice. And believe it or not, I did opt for dresses. Amazing, huh? Now let’s take a look at what Zara and Mango had to offer me. (; //Hallo meine Lieben! Es ist zwar schon September, aber Zeit, die langen Hosen und Biker Boots rauszuholen? Nope, noch…

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