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    Hamburg Photo Diary Pt. IV – Outfits And Shopping

    This is the last part of my little Hamburg series and it’s all about fashion and shopping – because what would our traditional Hamburg visit be withoug the obligatory shopping trip? … Or maybe I’d rather say several trips. (; Anyway, I did not include absolutely every piece I bought, simply because I don’t want to brag and some of the items will be featured in upcoming fall fashion/beauty posts, so no need to show them 93746 times here on the blog. I hope you all had a great September and a good start of Pinktober! //Das ist nun der letzte Post meiner kleinen Hamburg Serie und heute geht es…

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    Grocery Shopping Deluxe

    Hey everyone! There’s something I need to tell you… I’m one of those weird people who actually like grocery shopping. Yes. Wow, that was easier than I expected. Just kidding. (; I enjoy walking through the aisles of fresh, colorful veggies and fruits, breathing in the smell of warm bread and discovering something new every time. Thinking of something new, that’s exactly what today’s post is about. Last week I went to the deli ‚Käfer‘ with my mom and what can I say? It was incredible! The products were displayed with accuracy and everything looked so pleasant. I discovered many new products, including the most amazing cherries ever. After our…

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    Think Pink

    Hey everyone! Finally some time for blogging! Today I want to show you my Victoria’s Secret haul, I actually bought these items a few weeks ago, but now I can say for sure that I absolutely love them. (; For us German girls it’s pretty hard to get our hands on some VS stuff, you either have to go to the US/England yourself or ask a friend to buy something for you during their trip to Victoria’s Secret stores. Seriously, why don’t we have some stores here in Germany? But wait – WE DO! Yep, we have two stores in Germany, one is at the airport in Hamburg (but it’s…

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