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Can You Hear A Heart Break?

Can you hear a heart break? Because when something hurts so much that you actually want to rip your heart out of your own chest, then it has to make some kind of sound, doesn’t it?
Does it sound like fine glass bursting into a thousand pieces? Or rather like the cracking of ice on a frozen winter’s lake? And if its broken, can it ever be completely fixed again?

Whatever the sound, the feeling stays the same: heartbroken. The aching pain of a loving heart, shattered into pieces. You’ve tried so hard to protect it, you’ve tried to carefully choose the people you let inside. And then you finally opened up to someone and slowly handed your heart over, expecting the person to treat it like the most precious thing they own. But instead they quickly took it, seeminlgy cared about it, promised you the world and then suddenly, out of nowhere, they broke it. Hard. And afterwards they leave you with the mess they made, not caring anymore and moving on.

In the middle of that awful mess you slowly begin to realise that your heart can’t be completely fixed again. There may be people who will pick up some pieces and try to stick them back together, but deep down you’ll always see those tiny little cracks. They’ll shape you and they will forever remind you that the only person you can fully trust is yourself. Nobody owes you anything. Just because you expect people to treat you right – because that’s what YOU would naturally do – it doesn’t mean they would do the same.

You deserve the best and if someone doesn’t appreciate what you are willing to give then don’t hesitate to move on. If they’re meant to stay they’ll catch up. If they don’t you’re better off without them.


Picture by lovely Svenja Sommer Photography

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