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    Hamburg Photo Diary Pt. II – Bon Appetit!

    You may already have guessed what today’s post is about… Yep, food, food and more food. (; I really love to cook but sometimes it’s nice if somebody else is cooking the most delicious meals for you. And the best part: Our hotel offered a delicious breakfast (seriously, it’s the best I ever ate at a hotel) and three amazing restaurants. I think I never ate in so many fancy restaurants in just one week, haha. ^^ Anyway, on our first evening we ate at the Jahreszeiten Grill, it was the perfect way to start the week after a long day of traveling and unpacking. Then on Tuesday we got…

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    Hamburg Photo Diary Pt. I – Sweet Dreams

    So, this post marks the start of my little Hamburg series and is dedicated to our beautiful hotel (therefore sweet dreams *feelingcreative*). For me and my mum, but especially for her, a dream came true. Every time we passed the ancient building during our past trips I heard her sigh ever so slightly, eyes locked on the high windows, the elegant, white facade and the stairs, covered with red velvet. Just once she wanted to walk up these stairs, look out of these windows and wake up to the most amazing view you could wish for. And this year, she did. I don’t want to write too much here, since…

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    Home Is Where The Heart Is

    Hello my lovely readers! The reason why it’s been so quiet here on Beauty tastes good for the last couple of days is that I spent some time in Hamburg with my mum. We go there almost every year and it has somehow become a tradition among us. But this time it was different… I fell in love with this city as fast as you can say ‚Moin Moin‘. Seriously, I never get tired of slowly walking through Hamburg, coffee in one hand and my mum right beside me, breathing in the fresh air, hearing the sound of seagulls above our heads and the wind touseling my hair. But it’s…

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