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Birthday Bash

Hey everyone!

Long time no see! Or rather… read. Whatever, I had to deal with some very serious personal issues, therefore I did not have any time for my blog. I missed writing so much, so now I’m back and I hope you’re too!
Two weeks ago I celebrated my 20th birthday and today I want so share some pictures of this very special day with you. Bye bye teens, hello twens. You probably think that 20 isn’t that special, it’s just something in between 18 and 21, but for me this day was so, so incredible. I had so much fun, I got so see my family and my closest friends, we ate cake and pizza, laughed a lot and had a great time. Well, I guess I just let the pictures below do the talking. (:
I already have so many ideas for new posts and now I finally have a little more time for my blog! It’s so good to be back! (: Have a wonderful day and stay tuned for more!



Have you ever seen such a beautifully wrapped present? *.* I love it!


Best. Birthday card. Ever.



It’s pretty obvious that I’m a beauty junkie, hm? ^^ There are some presents missing in this picture, but I’m simply so grateful for everyone who made this day so special for me. Presents were just the icing on the cake. (:

This is called an ‚Engelsrufer‘ (something like ‚angel caller‘). It has a tiny little bell inside and every bell sounds a bit different, it is supposed to call you an angel exactly when you need one.

And last but not least: My outfit for the night. (: I may have an addiction to Zara… just in case you were wondering. (;
Coat – H&M
Scarf – My Mum’s
Cardigan – Mango
Blouse – Zara
High waisted shorts – Zara
Heels – Zara
Bag – Zara

At this point a huge thank you goes out to my friend Svenja, who took these lovely pictures! You should definitely check out her blog, it’s full of amazing pictures (she’s such a great photographer!) and beautifully written stories.


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