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    Pinktober feat. Hayley Williams

    picture from hard rock cafe This year, the Hard Rock Cafes are again supporting Breast Cancer Awareness with  their campaign called ‚Pinktober‚. They design shirts, accessories, organise special concerts, create pink drinks – all in order to rise awareness and to donate money to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Every year, there is another star promoting their campaign, in 2013 it’s Paramore’s lead singer Hayley Williams. So next time you walk into a Hard Rock Cafe, listen to good music, eat, drink AND shop for a good cause. //Auch dieses Jahr unterstützen die Hard Rock Cafes wieder das Bewusstsein für Brustkrebs mit ihrer ‚Pinktober‚ Kampagne. Sie designen Shirts, Accessiores, organisieren…

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    Pinktober 2013 – #bcastrength

    This picture doesn’t need any further explanations… Tag your instagram, twitter or even facebook pictures with the hashtag #bcastrength, which means breast cancer awareness strength, don’t forget to wear the pink ribbon and inform yourself about Pinktober 2013 and all the things YOU can do to help people, who are affected by this awful and needless disease. //Dieses Bild spricht für sich selbst… Fügt bei euren instagram, twitter und sogar facebook Bildern den hashtag #bcastrength hinzu, was breast cancer awareness strength bedeutet (Bewusstsein für Brustkrebs), tragt die rosa Schleife und informiert euch über den Pinktober 2013 und all die Dinge, die IHR tun könnt, um den Menschen zu helfen, die…

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    October – Breast Cancer Awareness Month

    Today I am writing about a more serious topic. For me, October isn’t a month just like any other month of the year. It is and always will be Breast Cancer Awareness Month, also called Pinktober. Why pink? Because of the pink ribbon, which is a sign of solidarity and support. The red ribbon – the AIDS ribbon – is way more common and still many many people don’t know about the meaning of the pink ribbon, which is definitely not good in my opinion. During this month, October 2013, I will try to wear the pink ribbon as often as possible, so that as many people as possible will…

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