The Male Equivalent To High Heels


Nothing makes me feel more like a woman than a great pair of high heels. In fact, I could totally live without red lipsticks, skirts and dresses. Give me some skinny jeans, a cute top and smokin‘ hot Jimmy Choos (okay, Zara shoes would do as well) and I feel like I can walk into any room and own it. Always remember: The higher the heel, the better you feel. (;
But what about men? Do they have an equivalent to our foolproof weapon? After weeks of unintended survey – honestly, it was so not my intention to observe men while strolling through the city or being bored from endless lectures (okay maybe during these moments it was) – I think I’ve got the answer. Yes, they do.

So, women wear Manolos (of course) and men wear… Beards. Yep, beards. Those dark, bushy somethings that seem to grow around every male mouth right now. On some overeager beings it’s already close to impossible to make out anything else than their eyes. Above: hair and brows, underneath: the bushy something. I mean, seriously? It looks like this is a new ‚trend‘ among guys or something, but the times when abundant facial hair only belonged to hipsters and Hugh Jackman in the role of Wolverine are obviously over. Bye bye razors and hello partial trimming, grooming and sore lips (ouch).

Where does this trend come from? Maybe it’s due to Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Jake Gyllenhall and Ben Affleck all ditching the blade almost simultaneously. In fact, I don’t know, but some recent surveys have shown that men with beards appear more attractive and mature, whereas men without seem younger and less successful. Of course this does not represent the opinion of every woman/man in the world (or mine in case you wondered), but it still shows a certain tendency. May this be the reason for the unstoppable increase of facial hair on mens‘ faces? I doubt that I’ll ever warm up to this way of trying to impress us girls.
Guys, let me tell you something – and I think a lot of women will agree: Yes, it can definitely look sexy, IF it fits the overall look and style. BUT… we don’t need several lip/mouth peelings a day. In other words: We love you, but we’re not going to kiss you again until your cheeks are as soft as a REPEAT cashmere sweater. (;

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