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Pretty in Pink

Hey everyone!

I’m already counting the days… I’m turning 20 on Saturday! OMG, goodbye teenage years, hello twenty-somethings! I’m already really excited and looking forward to celebrate with both my family and my friends.
But until my big day there’s still a lot to do, I have to go to university, run some errands and (of course) I need to find an outfit. Well, not just any outfit, THE outfit. So far every attempt to find just anything was rather frustrating and nerve-racking… Last Saturday, though, I had absolutely no problems with finding something to wear, which is pretty unusual for me, and even more because I chose something pink. I kind of have a love-hate relationship with pink, on the one hand it’s such a fresh color and looks great on pale skin (as you already know I’m super super pale), but on the other hand it’s so… girly. And I’m anything but girly. ^^ Seems like that day was full of changes in general, because I also got my hair cut at Lippert’s Friseure and it’s pretty short now! Somehow it’s weird, I feel like I suddenly have a bob or something, although I clearly do not.  But it feels so, so short! … But I like it, it’s just new and I have to get used to it. (:
Okay no more talking, I hope you will hav a wonderful day and fingers crossed that I’ll find a killer outfit for my birthday! (;





Pink blouse – H&M
Leather jacket – Zara
Jeans – G STAR RAW
Boots – Hilfiger Denim
Bag – Furla
Sunnies – Ray Ban


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