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    Coffee, Chocolate, Men – The Richer, The Better

    … I bet you agree, hm? (; I saw this sign about a week ago, when my mom and I were having a late breakfast in the city. It really made me smile and I’d love to have it hanging somewhere in my room. Unfortunately I have no idea where it’s from, I forgot to ask. If you have any ideas, please let me know! (; Right now I’m actually really stressed out, I feel like my days only consist of university, studying, eating, maybe watching one episode of the O.C. (always puts me in a good mood, no matter what), sleeping, and then… repeat. Yippey, doesn’t that sound great?…

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    October Favourites

    This was already October, really?? Wow, it went by so fast! With the start of university, meeting so many new people, studying, working out and reading Halloween posts on almost every blog I follow, this month just flew by. I am sitting at my desk now, with my campus logbuch open in front of me, trying to recapture everything I experienced this month. Also, this month was/is the International Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I tried to wear the pink ribbon as often as possible, did upload pictures on instagram and posts here on beauty tastes good and looked out for all the different campaigns, which are supporting breast cancer awareness.…

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    Beauty Buddies for University

    Hey everyone! Today’s my third day at University and I really can’t complain so far. It’s still chaotic, hectic and a bit out of control, but almost every freshman student is feeling that way and we’re all trying to help each other. Hectic is my catchword. Between lectures, tutorials, meeting new friends for lunch and catching the train there’s hardly any time to retouch your make up or reapply that faded lipstick. For this reason I always carry a small bag in my actual handbag, which contains my beauty essentials for on-the-go. These essentials are products that I’ve been using for a long time, so they’re tested and approved. (;…

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