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Happy New Year – NYE Outfit and Holidays

Happy new year to you all! I hope you had a great night, wether you did party all night, or simply enjoyed a cozy evening with your family. I personally had such a great time, at first some of my friends and I were having dinner together and afterwards we went to a party, which was organised by friends from our old school. It was so nice seeing all these people again, chatting with them, dancing and wishing each other a happy new year.
As promised I’m going to show you my Ney Year’s Eve Outfit, which may be a little different than the usual LBD – highheels – combo. But as you know it wouldn’t be me if I went all mainstream. (;
You will also gain some insight in my holidays and how I spent the last couple of days. I hope you enjoy it and stay tuned for more posts coming very soon!







Fake leather pants – Zara
Blouse – Zara
Top – Esprit
Necklace – Lanvin for H&M
Belt – Pieces
Shoes – Zara
Bag – Zara

My New Year’s Eve Outfit. At first I wanted to wear a dress, but then I saw these fake leather pants from Zara and I just HAD to buy them. Altough it’s fake it does look like genuine leather, has a great fit and is still comfortable at the same time. The zippers and details on the outside of the thighs and knees make it look rather tough, which I really like. And the best part? It was on sale. (;




This is an old tradition, were you melt lead and afterwards pour it into ice-cold water. I’ve never done it before, but it was so much fun! The shape of the solid lead shall tell you what the next year will bring. Well, I couldn’t really tell what my figure should represent, do you have any ideas? (:


One of the best breakfasts I ever ate, soooo yummie! *__*


More food. (; @Dallmayr Bistro


Beautiful cold and sunny day after NYE.


NYE Nails: Chanel Frenzy and Catrice Two Million Dollar Baby Effect Coat



New Year’s Day Outfit for lunch, with a big, warm Zara scarf, a very soft Mexx sweater and loads of mascara and blush in order to make myself look, well, acceptable. I was sooo tired, I hope that it isn’t too obvious in the pictures. ^^

So, these were some details of the last few days and how I spent New Year’s Eve.
Right now I’m visiting my relatives in Austria, but I will try to upload another post as soon as possible, it may even include my adventure at IKEA on Thursday… Have a wonderful evening everyone and stay tuned for more!

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