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Going Naked… On the Eyes!

Nooo, I won’t reveal anything too private on the blog, I’m sorry. (; Today’s post is about another ’naked’…

Ever since stepping into the world of blogs, youtube and all things beauty I came to realise that there’s one thing every beauty addict raves about: the Urban Decay NAKED palettes. By now there’s four of them: NAKED, NAKED 2, NAKED 3 and NAKED Basics, which are all equally gorgeous and basically you’re not allowed to call yourself a real beauty junkie if you don’t own at least one. (; For years I’ve been eyeing the NAKED 2 palette, but it’s hard to get in Germany and pretty expensive, so I never actually bought one. Then, in September 2013 I spent some days in Barcelona and literally jumped up and down as soon as I  saw a Sephora store. In case you don’t know (shame on you! ^^): Sephora is total beauty heaven. Seriously. It’s ten times better than any other beauty store I ever went to, they sell so many different products from so many different brands, the shop assistants are more than polite and attentive and you’re not overwhelmed by 238473 different scents lingering in the air. Long story short: If you have the chance, then VISIT one of their stores! Okay, back to business now.

Leaving my mom behind I almost ran into Sephora, headed straight to the UD counter with just one thing in mind: NAKED 2. Yeah, unfortunately this bubble burst way too quickly as one shop assistant told me that there won’t be any NAKED palettes in stock until December 2013. WTF?! After turning bright red and almost choking that innocent man (just kidding) I saw the NAKED Basics and bought it straight away. I’m still in love with this little beauty buddie and it’s great, but it couldn’t replace the ONE. So when I suddenly had the chance to order something from with my dad’s girlfriend and therefore sharing the enormous amount of shipping costs I did not hesitate. NAKED 2, you’re mine. Finally. ♥ I won’t write another review of this one, just because there are already sooo many out there. Just google it and you will find 3846423 results. As I said, it’s popular. (; But I will tell you my favourite shades:

  • Booty Call – I love putting this into the inner corners of my eyes, it really opens them up.
  • Tease – A great matte shade, which I like to put into the crease or all over if I don’t want any shimmer.
  • Snakebite – On those days when I want a bit ‚more‘ I use this one. It intesifies the color of my eyes.
  • YDK – Last but not least another shade I like to put on when I want my eyes to shine. Unfortunately it contains some glitter, which tends to fall down on my cheekbones, but nothing a strip of sticky tape wont fix.

I love, love, love this palette. I wanted it for years and I was not disappointed. Even the brush that comes with it is good! I’ve been ‚wearing naked‘ every day and there are so many different looks you can create, it’s awesome. The quality of the shadows is great as well, they’re soft, easy to blend and super super pigmented.
As I said I bought it from Sephora France and I did pay around 45€ for the palette. The shipping was fast and I would definitely recommend buying it there if you don’t have the chance to visit one of their stores.
Below you’ll find some pictures of my new beauty and I hope you enjoyed reading this (again super long) post!









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