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    Veggie Expo 2014

    Oh my goodness… I can feel muscles in my legs which I did not know even exist! I guess I won’t be able to walk for the next three days… Or do any kind of movement. I’m starting to doubt whether getting a gym membership really was such a great idea. Just kidding, of course it was! The first part is always the hardest and I can’t wait to get stronger, faster and fitter! Speaking of fitness and health – Last weekend I’ve been to the Veggie Expo, an exhibition about vegetarian and vegan food, clothing and lifestyle. At this point I should mention that I’m not living completely vegetarian…

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    Lovechock – Happiness Inside (and in my tummy)

    Hey everyone! I know it’s been quite a while since my last post, but my exams are getting closer and closer and basically all I’m doing these days is breathing (trying to calm down), eating, sleeping (not much), working and stuDYING. It’s soooo exhausting and I can’t wait for my semester break! Anyway, in order to survive I need a few things at the moment: good music (totally in love with We Came As Romans’s latest album), workouts and chocolate. Seriously, especially this is keeping me alive (and sane!) right now. But if I want to induldge from time to time, it has to be the good stuff. (; I…

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    December Favourites

    Hey everyone! So, this was Christmas 2013… It’s already over. ^^ First you’re waiting and counting the days and then *puff*, it’s in the past. Anyway, I had some wonderful days with my family and friends, we enjoyed the time together, cooked delicious meals, talked for hours and made each other laugh. A lot. I could not have been happier. Now that December comes to an end it’s time for my monthly favourites. Unfortunately we didn’t have much snow in December, but still this month was full of christmassy feelings, which is why my favourites are a bit christmassy as well. (; I hope you could also enjoy the holidays…

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