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Lovechock – Happiness Inside (and in my tummy)

Hey everyone!

I know it’s been quite a while since my last post, but my exams are getting closer and closer and basically all I’m doing these days is breathing (trying to calm down), eating, sleeping (not much), working and stuDYING. It’s soooo exhausting and I can’t wait for my semester break!
Anyway, in order to survive I need a few things at the moment: good music (totally in love with We Came As Romans’s latest album), workouts and chocolate. Seriously, especially this is keeping me alive (and sane!) right now. But if I want to induldge from time to time, it has to be the good stuff. (; I don’t like ‚usual‘ chocolate anymore, it’s too sweet and has ingredients in it I can’t even pronounce. Swallowing that stuff down? No chance. I prefer the organic, dark versions, maybe with cranberries or espresso beans. Today, though, I discovered something new, which I already came across on instagram some time ago: lovechock. And OMG, it’s SO GOOD, I love it! It’s basically 100% raw chocolate, infused with superfoods like mulberries, cinnamon and quinoa and is sweetened only with coconut blossom nectar. No refined sugars added, no artificial ingredients, just the good-for-you stuff. Is there anything better? ♥
Read on to find out in detail, why it’s so yummie…


At that point I already took one bite… (;


Gluten-, lactose- and soy-free. Totally vegan.


Normally cacao beans are roasted at very high temperatures during the process of making chocolate. As a result most of the beneficial ingredients get lost. But not with the raw version. Here the beans are cold ground, during the whole process of making the chocolate the temperature is kept below 49 degrees, which leaves you with chocolate full of antioxidants and lovechemicals (they make you feel good and happy).

Superfoods – for the real heroes
Nope, they have nothing to do with Superman or any other super-hero, but in fact they can turn you into one! No, just kidding. (; Lovechock adds a lot of superfoods to their chocolate, like vanilla, mulberries, gojiberries, quinoa and so much more, which infuse you with minerals, vitamins, amino-acids and simultaneously totally satisfy your taste-buds.

Coconut blossom nectar – hey sweetie
What usually makes chocolate so sweet are a lot of artificial sweeteners, which are anything but good for you. They are making your blood sugar levels rise very fast, but also make them drop super quickly, which then causes tiredness and a blah-feeling. Coconut blossom nectar in contrast has a lower glycamic index, which makes the chocolate taste sweet (but not too much) and does not leave you feeling sluggish and craving for more sugar an hour later. Furthermore it is rich in antioxidants and minerals – you see, more good-for-you-stuff! (:

The packaging – pretty from the inside out
What would be a super-duper-chocolate without thoughtful packaging? It’s 100% eco-friendly, printed with organic ink (didn’t even know that something like this exists!) and is compostable. Seriously, this stuff is so cool. ^^

So, this is lovechock. And I’ve fallen head over heels for it. I’ve only tried one bar so far, the one with mulberries and vanilla, but I will definitely check out the other flavors! Who knew that chocolate could be, well, somehow healthy?
And for those of you who think that all this healthy stuff can’t taste good – go ahead and try it first, you’d be surprised. Because after all, beauty really tastes good. (;

What about you? Have you tried raw chocolate so far?

I’m ready to follow my divine plan… Ehm yup, okay! ^^


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