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Tested: Sebastian Drynamic

Hey everyone!

The runways for Spring/Summer 14 showed us both: sleek, almost wet looking hair and matte, effortless beach waves. And by effortless I mean that styling hair to look like those models just rolled out of bed or came back from a long hot day at the beach took much longer than making it look sleek. It’s the same with make up. Making someone look like he/she doesn’t wear any make up requires much more time than making someone look all dolled up. But that’s another topic, let’s get back to those beach waves.
Nothing reminds us more of summer than the smell of the ocean and matte beach hair that falls in loose waves over our shoulders. But how do you get that effect without actually dipping into the ocean? And the answer is dry shampoo. This beauty buddie can do much more than turning greasy strands into fresh looking locks again. In the past I used several drugstore dry shampoos, which seemed to work fine, one maybe better than the other. During my recent visit at Lippert’s Friseure I was given the Drynamic Dry Shampoo by Sebastian. The difference with this one is that it doesn’t contain square powder particles like other dry shampoos do but spherical ones which allow hair to be reshaped and create natural movement. Over the last two weeks I’ve been testing it, so read on to find out how it works and what I think of it!




The design of the bottle is very clean and elegant, like all Sebastian products. To me it’s very appealing. The scent is powdery, but at the same time reminds me of the ocean, like salty, fresh air. The scent also lingers, but is not too overpowering. Like, when you hug someone they’ll either think that you just washed your hair or that you’ve just been at the beach. (;
The product that comes out of the bottle is pretty fine, different from any drugstore dry shampoo I’ve tested. There’s no heavy powder coming out of the bottle, I like that. I often notice that with cheaper products, there’s so much heavy powder coming out of the bottle! But actually you want to remove something from your hair, not add another layer of something that ways your hair down… Anyway, let’s move on.
For application I can say that it’s very easy. As mentioned above there’s just the right amount of product coming out, so there shouldn’t occur any problems.
Now, onto cleaning properties: I have to admit that this part could be improved. I’ve got another dry shampoo, a drugstore one actually, who does a better job in this category than Sebastian’s Drynamic. After using it my hair feels a bit dry and not really clean. I was about to give up and think that this buddie has disappointed me in the end, BUT then…

Okay so, it doesn’t clean my hair that well, but my stylist told me that you can also use Drynamic to style your hair – let’s try that! And what can I say? Used this way it’s AWESOME! But first things first.
As I said I had the feeling that it dries out my hair, looking more closely I saw that it kinda roughens up hair, providing a lot of texture and lots and lots of volume. Seriously, I think I’ve never had such big hair. ^^ Sprayed onto the roots, massaged in with fingers and applied (just a tiny amount!) in the midst of your hair it creates the perfect base for updos, a messy bun or beach waves. Even without curling it my hair looked perfectly imperfect, like I just rolled out of bed (I woke up like this, anyone?) or like I spent a wonderful day at the beach with the sun on my face and wind and salt in my hair. That actually makes me want to go on vacation right now… Too bad that’s not possible, but at least – with Sebastian Drynamic – we can all look like we’ve just come home from somewhere sunny and warm. (;

What about YOU? Are you a fan of dry shampoo? Which one do you use?

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