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You should probably loose some weight, cause we can’t see your bones


Do you recognize the lyrics? They’re from Lily Allen’s new single ‚Hard out here‘ and I have to say that I just love this song! Especially the lyrics.
Lily has often been criticized for her weight and her body, but now, with this song, she speaks up, doesn’t hold back and stands her ground. ‚Hard out here‘ is so much more than just a cool song with great lyrics and a cool melody. It’s like an anthem for all those who are sick of size zero and stars who are drinking green juices for weeks in order to get skinny and fit again (and posting every detail about it in social media, of course). It’s like a wake-up call for society that shows what social media is capable of by now and how deeply it can affect peoples‘ lives in a negative way.
I’m not saying that I’m completely against television, the internet, advertising or a healthy lifestyle, no. That would make no sense, after all I’m a blogger, hellooo? BUT I think that Lily Allen’s new song is a masterpiece and a brilliant way to say ‚F*** you, I know I’m no size zero and I’m not going to join the current slimming/fitness craze just in order to go with the flow and be liked by society.‘

What do YOU think of this song? Tell me in the comments!

Click the link to listen to ‚Hard out here‚ on vimeo!

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