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    September in July

    Hey everyone! It’s exam time right now, so basically all I’m doing is stuDYING. Thankfully in two weeks it’s already over! Anyway, the calendar says July, but the weather says something like: ‚Hmm I don’t care, I’d rather have September right now!‘ – in other words, the weather is anything but summery. During the last two weeks there have been some grey, rainy and windy days and everyone thought it was already time for autumn. As a result I had to adapt my wardrobe (I wore my shorts, like, once this year, but hey – who needs summer? -.-) and had to pull out sweaters and long jeans again. I…

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    Pretty in Pink

    Hey everyone! I’m already counting the days… I’m turning 20 on Saturday! OMG, goodbye teenage years, hello twenty-somethings! I’m already really excited and looking forward to celebrate with both my family and my friends. But until my big day there’s still a lot to do, I have to go to university, run some errands and (of course) I need to find an outfit. Well, not just any outfit, THE outfit. So far every attempt to find just anything was rather frustrating and nerve-racking… Last Saturday, though, I had absolutely no problems with finding something to wear, which is pretty unusual for me, and even more because I chose something pink.…

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    OOTD – Go Green

    No, today’s post is not about switching off the light when you leave a room or taking the bike as often as possible (although these two points are important!), today I’m going to show you a new outfit which is pretty colorful for me and which always reminds me of Barcelona – I bought it there. (; I feel extremely good and comfortable when wearing it, although I actually don’t wear it frequently. Do you also have some outfits that you don’t want to wear because you like them so much and you want to wear them on a ’special‘ occasion? Or is it just me and I’m totally weird?…

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