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    Inked – Tattoo Inspiration

    Hey everyone! As promised here are some pictures I took of a friend of mine, who’s got a lot of tattoos and who say’s of himself that he’s kinda addicted. (; The ones on his right arm are my favourites, they look really good. Curious? Scroll down… (;  

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    Hey everyone! Today’s post will be kind of different, because it will be about a topic I haven’t written about before: Tattoos. They fascinate me and they scare me. They can look delicate, terrifying, beautiful, they can be big, small, colorful or monochrome – and they’re permanent. If you decide to get a tattoo, it will be there for the rest of your life. Now you may think ‚Eeh hold up, you actually can get rid of them‘. Yeah I know, you can. But there will still remain some scars that will always remind you of what’s been there before. As I said tattoos fascinate me. I like to think…

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