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Hey everyone!

Today’s post will be kind of different, because it will be about a topic I haven’t written about before: Tattoos.
They fascinate me and they scare me. They can look delicate, terrifying, beautiful, they can be big, small, colorful or monochrome – and they’re permanent. If you decide to get a tattoo, it will be there for the rest of your life. Now you may think ‚Eeh hold up, you actually can get rid of them‘. Yeah I know, you can. But there will still remain some scars that will always remind you of what’s been there before.

As I said tattoos fascinate me. I like to think of the stories those lines tell, the memories they bring back everytime you look at them and the pain you accepted to get them. Speaking of pain, this is the part that scares me. I saw and heard from a lot of people who really suffered, but on the other hand I met so many people, including friends, who told me that it doesn’t hurt at all, it just feels weird (at least in some places). Not a single person I asked could describe the feeling of those needles. It feels like scratching, like something’s vibrating, like a thousand tiny f****** needles torturing you on the same spot for what feels like eternity, everybody says something different.
I’m thinking about getting a tattoo for a pretty long time now, I even know what it should look like, but I don’t know on which part of my body it should be. Therefore last year I told myself that if I’m sure about all this for two years, then I’ll do it. As I said it’s permanent, and in my opinion this decision should not be made frivolously.

Okay this turned out pretty personal, that wasn’t planned. ^^ Anyway, I will upload a new post about tattoos very soon (hopefully tomorrow!), where I will show you some inspiration – the tattoos of a very good friend of mine. (; So stay tuned!
What do YOU think about tattoos? Into it, or over it? Tell me in the comments, I’m curious!

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