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    Home Is Where The Heart Is

    Hello my lovely readers! The reason why it’s been so quiet here on Beauty tastes good for the last couple of days is that I spent some time in Hamburg with my mum. We go there almost every year and it has somehow become a tradition among us. But this time it was different… I fell in love with this city as fast as you can say ‚Moin Moin‘. Seriously, I never get tired of slowly walking through Hamburg, coffee in one hand and my mum right beside me, breathing in the fresh air, hearing the sound of seagulls above our heads and the wind touseling my hair. But it’s…

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    Ain’t Laurent Without Yves

    Hey everyone! Today’s outfit post is inspired by Saint Laurent’s Fall/Winter 2013 collection. I know, I know, you may think ‚What, 2013?!‘, but I like this collection so much, it still inspires me, it’s totally my style and I would to anything to own every single piece of it! Okay, almost anything. (; Anyway, the key word here is grunge. Hedi Slimane played with lots of contrasts, he combined sweet, girly flower dresses with dark (sometimes ripped) tights, heavy boots and dark eye makeup – what’s not to love about that? I have wanted to create a similar outfit for a very long time and finally I dared to do…

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    One Year of Beauty Tastes Good!

    Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear beauty tastes good, happy birthday to yoooooouuuuu!!! OMG, can you believe it? One year ago I started my own blog and published my very first post. So much has happened since that day and I think you all have realized that my blog changed during that time. A new layout, a bigger focus on fashion, my monthly favourites, and so on… But not only my blog changed, I did too! During the first weeks I couldn’t imagine two days without uploading a new post. But not because I liked it so much (I did, though), rather because I was…

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