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February Favourites

OMG it’s Maaaarch!! Spring is around the corner, sun is shining and I’m so happy I could dance around in my room right now, but that would probably look totally weird, but I don’t care, because I can’t wait for spring and – okay… I should take a deep breath and calm down a little bit. *takes a deep breath and does downward dog* Okay, much better now. ^^
It may already be March, but today’s post is still about February: it’s time for my monthly favourites! This month included my finals at university, the start of semester break and Vampire Diaries season 5 on sixx (finally!), visiting Cirque du soleil’s show ‚Kooza‘ and my first gym session ever (my muscles are still so sore). Read on to find out which things I also loved in February!


I love my new rings from sixx, they’re so delicate, so tiny and I’ve always wanted to have rings that look like this. Finally I’ve found some and I get compliments every time I wear them. I know, big, chunky jewelry is en vogue now, but I prefer timeless pieces like these.


Real Techniques brushes

I’ve already uploaded a post on these buddies, so if you want to know what exactly I think about them and how they work just click here to read the full post. But considering the fact that they’re among my February Favourites may tell you that I love them. Just sayin‘. (;


OMG, this series is sooo good! It’s funny, quick-witted and something you simply enjoy to watch. Oh, and hotties Gabriel Macht and Patrick J. Adams are not to be sneezed at, too. (; Watch it Fridays, 9:15 pm on vox.



I’m a huge fan of Cirque du soleil and whenever they do a show in my hometown my mom and I make sure to get tickets. It’s just something you can’t describe, you have to experience it. Every show is unique and tells a different story. It’s called cirque which means circus in French, but it’s not like any circus you’ve ever seen, trust me. Cirque du soleil is a mixture of finest acrobatics, a moving story, great characters, wonderful music, breathtaking costumes and makeup – long story short: it’s something you’ll never forget.

Tangle Teezer

I’ve been eyeing this one for a pretty long time, but never actually decided to buy it. Don’t ask me why, because since I bought it I cannot imagine living without it! (Okay, maybe I exaggerated a bit) I have no idea how it works, but seriously, brushing my hair doesn’t make me cry anymore. ^^ No matter if my hair is wet or dry, it glides through smoothly and leaves my hair soft and tangle-free. Love it! Do you want a review on this one? Let me know in the comments below!


You guys noticed something? There’s nothing to eat among my favourites, OMG! ^^ Just realized it myself. Okay, for the record: I still can’t get enough of raw bites, they’re super delicious. Next I’m goint to try vanilla berry and coconut, let’s see!
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Have a lovely evening everyone!


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