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I’m alive!

Hey my lovelies!

I’m so sorry I kept you waiting, but I couldn’t upload any post from my mom’s iPad, it simply didn’t work (don’t ask me why, after yelling at the tablet for the 10th time I gave up…).
Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that I’m alive and I did not forget about you or my blog. I had such a wonderful time in Hamburg and I was so sad today as we drove to the airport. ):
During the following days I will tell you about my trip, about the delicious food we ate, the absolutely a-m-a-z-i-n-g concert we went to (seriously, 40 degrees and Corey Taylor taking off his shirt? HOT), the shopping we did, the people we met, and so on… Of course I will also upload pictures since I’ve been carrying either my smartphone or my camera non-stop with me, but I hope you understand that I can’t do this today because I’m so f***ing tired.
I guess I will just fall right into my bed right now (after stumbling over my unpacked suitcase probably) and hopefully sleep well.
Alright, I hope you had a great week too so far and I will start uploading posts about my trip tomorrow, so stay tuned!

Good night everyone! <3

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