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    Inked – Tattoo Inspiration

    Hey everyone! As promised here are some pictures I took of a friend of mine, who’s got a lot of tattoos and who say’s of himself that he’s kinda addicted. (; The ones on his right arm are my favourites, they look really good. Curious? Scroll down… (;  

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    Instantly Inspired – A Lesson Learned

    Hey everyone! This week is so packed and it seems like I don’t have time for anything so I hope you’re not too disappointed that I could not upload a new post for a couple of days. Anyway, today was a weird day… It started really bad and I did certainly not feel good. I missed a deadline and now I won’t be able to take an exam, which means I have to take it next semester and I was so disappointed of myself for not remembering such an important date… I tried everything, did make phone calls, asked friends, but nothing could change the situation. Then, while leaving the…

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    Instantly Inspired

    Today’s inspiration comes from one of my favourite books from one of my favourite make up artists: Bobbi Brown. I love her philosophy, her books, her healthy lifestyle, her products. To me, she is a role model. She is an independent woman, who stands in for her beliefs, who successfully manages career and family and who tries to spread the word that healthy is beautiful. //Meine heutige Inspiration kommt von einem meiner Lieblingsbücher von einer meiner Lieblings- Make-up Artisten: Bobbi Brown. Ich liebe ihre Philosophie, ihre Bücher, ihren gesunden Lebensstil, ihre Produkte. Für mich ist sie ein Vorbild. Sie ist eine unabhängige Frau, die für ihre Überzeugungen einsteht, erfolgreich Karriere…

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